Expert Tips for Choosing Your Next Office Cleaning Company in Sacramento Area

Expert Tips for Choosing Your Next Office Cleaning Company

Each business needs its cleaning company to achieve different goals from cleaning office equipment with environmentally friendly products to stocking the restrooms. You can safeguard your business from risks by asking the right questions before hiring your next cleaning company.

Define Your Expectations

Companies that don’t detail their expectations in writing have only themselves to blame when the cleaning crew doesn’t perform as expected. While it would be nice to hire a cleaning crew that anticipates your needs and performs accordingly, it’s unrealistic to expect janitorial staff to instinctively know the needs of your business. Put together a detailed list of what you expect and present it to the cleaning company before hiring them. Make sure also to outline the consequences for failing to meet your needs.

Give a Tour

A cleaning company that doesn’t come to see your property before giving you a quote is not acting professionally or responsibly. Any reliable company will need to investigate your office to provide an accurate quote for their services. This also gives the cleaning crew an opportunity to point out any areas you may have overlooked when creating your list of expectations.  It is not just an opportunity to meet your potential partner, it is an opportunity to review how thorough they evaluate the environment, as it is a precursor to how well they will clean.

Investigate the Company

It’s extra work to investigate a crew ahead of hiring them, but it is even more timely and expensive to deal with theft or negligence from a company that doesn’t isn’t reputable. Ask for at least three to four references from legitimate businesses they serve, and make sure to check up on the references. Most importantly, look at the experience of the company and its employees.

Hire a Green Company

If a company claims to be a green company, ask for proof of this claim to find out how the cleaning company can help your own business meet its environmental objectives. If the company doesn’t have any certifications, it is likely not a green company.

Ultimately, you need to evaluate any prospective company for its safety record, history and ability to meet the needs of your company. By doing so, you’ll be able to ensure that your cleaning company of choice is capable of delivering on the service you require.

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